Code of Conduct for Great White Shark RBIG

To meet the rapid changes occurring in protected natural areas, from environmental problems and take management actions in the area to help improve the protection of species, it is necessary to establish baselines of sensitive species and habitats through continuous monitoring.
In the Biosphere Reserve Guadalupe Island (RBIG) the objective of the Biological Monitoring Program (PROMOBI) in conjunction with ECOCIMATI instituted by the Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP), is to contribute to the knowledge of the biological aspects of the White Shark population in Guadalupe Island by monitoring the implementation of actions for management and conservation of this species in the RBIG.
The Best Practices Manual is a set of actions aimed at changing bad habits in order to ensure rational use of resources, in this case the white shark regularly visit the coastal waters of Guadalupe Island. The decision to carry out this task aims to define the guidelines for the activity to be supported to ensure the conservation of the species and achieving sustainable development from an environmental, social and economic terms.


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